Fire Island Beach Squad  

Why spend valuable beach time setting up or repairing problems with your computer system? Let the Fire Island Beach Squad do the work for you in a prompt, professional manner.


PC and Mac Services include:

Virus and Spyware Removal
Suffering from popups including Virus messages from Antivirus XP or Antivirus 360?

We repair operating system issues by removing all spyware , Trojan Horse Malware and viruses that are stopping your computer from running right. Installing and configuring tools and software properly will help protect your computer from future threats of this nature. Additionally, we can optimize your computer with a Beach Squad tune-up that will optimize the performance and speed up processing.

Reformat Hard Drives Operating System
Multiple issues including blue screen errors, startup problems and computer freeze ups?

Sometimes, viruses, spyware and other intrusions over time can get so deep into the registry of your computer that it is not worth it to pay for the lengthy time it could take to repair them. We can save all of your data including email, pictures, documents, music, etc. and reinstall a fresh copy of your operating system. Follow that with re-installing all the saved data and installing all Microsoft updates will help to make your computer will run as fast as the day you purchased it.

Internet and Network Setup and Repair
Can’t get on the internet or slow and intermittent connectivity?

We troubleshoot and repair existing internet connectivity issues including slow connectivity, no connectivity, or the ever popular “sometimes connected, sometimes not”. These issues can stem from many different factors, and we will uncover them and fix them on the spot. Additionally, we can install and configure new or additional computers to connect to your internet connection, whether wireless or wired. Our Beach Squad technicians can also setup a home network and share resources such as printers, files and applications and configure your router for encryption for safe, secure browsing.


PC and Peripheral Setup
Can’t or do not want to set up your new computer, scanner, printer, or other device?

Let us take the hassle out of setting up your computer, laptop, scanner, printer or any other device you need for your computing needs. In addition to hooking up the basics like your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, we can also setup your printer, scanner or fax and install all relevant software. We can also set up a backup procedure for you to backup all important data to your memory stick, external hard drive, network location or even to an on-line backup service.

Software Setup
Having problems or don’t have the time to install the new software you bought?

Our Beach Squad technicians can install any type or software on you r Mac or PC. Antivirus and spyware protection, productivity suites such as Office and Wordperfect, accounting software like Quicken or Quick Books, contact management, VPN and router software, CD burning software, and much more can be installed and configured in the privacy of your beach house. Additionally, we can help to train you as to how to use the software if the need arises.

Hardware Installation and Upgrades
Don’t have enough storage or need more speed to run games and applications?

The Fire Island Beach Squad stocks all name brands of computer hardware and accessories. Whether you need to upgrade your hard drive or attach an external hard drive for more storage or backups, upgrade your video card to meet the standards of a new video game, or install more memory for overall faster speed, we can analyze the task and supply, install and configure the right solution for your hardware needs. If you need a replacement laptop, PC or other peripheral device, we can help with that as well. Customizing your purchase to make sure you are not paying for things you do not need, combined with our VAR and OEM relationships with large, well known computer manufacturers will ensure that your purchase is a well thought out investment.

iPod Setup and Training
Need to set up your iPod so you can enjoy your music on the beach?

Using your iPod and Itunes software can be a very confusing process. We can install and configure your Itunes software, set up your music library and walk you through how to use your iPod. Part of the confusion with this process is figuring out how to rip music from your CD’s onto your computer, create libraries and collections, and manage those collections. Let us show you how it’s done!